Patriots Roster Projection – Quarterbacks

Its that time of year again where the Patriots roster swells to 90 men. One of the most fun parts for writers and fans alike is to project who will make the final 53. The guys at PFW have their own version that you can view here. I have tried to take this one to the next level by predicting the Practice Squad players too. Realistically the final 53 will probably not come from the 90 on the current roster as there will likely be more additions as moves are made due to injuries and as guys become available on the open market. For now I will pretend that the 53 are a subset of the current 90.

I have also ranked the players in the order of most likely to be on the roster to least likely. As always, neck on the line for The Lateral View!


  1. Tom Brady (53)
  2. Jimmy Garoppolo (53)
  3. Jacoby Brissett (53)

Lets face it, this part of the roster projection writes itself. Brady will take over from Garoppolo after he serves his 4-game suspension on the way to another AFC-East title. A frustrated sounding Bill Belichick has dispelled any talks of a Quarterback controversy if Garoppolo plays “lights-out” and I would be inclined to believe him.

“Jimmy G” will be playing to make money on the free agent market after his contract runs out at the end of the year. It will be interesting to see what how he performs. If he performs badly and has little to no interest on the free agency market, (very doubtful) would the Patriots even want to resign him?

A lot will depend on the very raw talent of Jacoby Brissett and how he develops. As this years 3rd round pick, he will pick up some snaps during camp and maybe move into the 2nd quarter back spot in 2017.

A big open question is with Brissett being so raw, would it be too much to ask of him to start if Garoppolo got injured? A lot of talking heads have pointed to the recently released Nick Foles. I don’t think he will sign, as he will be looking for a starting/backup job somewhere else. Being the Patriots emergency 3rd/4th choice Quarterback does not fit into his plans. Probably the biggest roadblock would be money, Foles will want a lot of it, and the Pats won’t want to waste cap room. Its more likely journeymen like Ryan Lindley, Christian Ponder or Garret Gilbert would fill the void, two of which have experience in the Patriots offence.



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